Programa ERASMUS


“Venancio Blanco” Secondary School is an HEI located in a new area of Salamanca. 
This school offers different kinds of courses related to Higher Education in Advanced Vocational Training such as:

1.Administration of Computer Systems (2 years / 120 ECTS )

2.Development of Computer Applications (2 years / 120 ECTS)

3.Finance and Administration Studies (2 years / 120 ECTS)

4.Management Assistance (new since 2014-15, 2 years / 120 ECTS)

5.Sales and Business Premises Management (new since 2014-15, 2 years / 120 ECTS)

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All the courses are taught in Spanish and once the courses are finished, you become a Higher Technician with European reference CINE-5b (International Standard Classification of Education) with 120 ECTS, 22 of which correspond to placements. These credits are included in the national rules, which regulate minimum contents for each course.

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When our students finish their courses, they must implement three months of on-job training in order to acquire the necessary competences to be able to join the workforce. 

We have been granted the Erasmus Charter for the period 2014-2020, which entables our students and staff to participate in different mobilities.

So far we have been granted for different K103 mobilities : placements in European enterprises. for students and training for staff

All the students from our school who participate in the ERASMUS Programme:

- Will be monitored by a Tutor

- Will participate in an intensive course of linguistic immersion.

- When they finish the course they are enrolled in:

                . The Secretary’s office will provide the students with the following documents: Europass mobility, Europass language passport, and Europass diploma supplement.

                . The Head teacher of the school will issue the following official certificates:

                               -Certificate of the courses that the student has taken (up to 120 ECTS)

                               -Certificate of Occupational Risk Prevention at a basic level.

                               -Certificate of the student’s placements (22 ECTS)

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How to registrer:

Contact: secretaría, director/ principal head teacher,  coordinator




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